Join The Team!

Because we believe you can't lead people where you've never been, we are building a world-class team of people who model a balanced spiritual, emotional, financial, and relational lifestyle. That doesn’t mean any of our team members have it all together, but it does mean that we are looking for individuals who are in the right season of life to lead.

We believe the goal is more important than anyone’s role, and the goal is our vision:

We are a Gospel-Centered, Multiethnic, Intergenerational church that LOVES Discipleship!


Follow the link below to discover what positions are open at this time. If you think you fit the bill after you read the position plan, we would love to talk with you!

As A Team...

We think being a paid staff member should be a natural extension of your current lifestyle.

With that said, we are interested in exploring possible job postings with people who are members of Southwest, are actively involved in volunteering, and who are following biblical principles in tithing to Southwest. Obviously, if you live outside the Valley, we would be looking to ensure you are living out those habits in your current local church.


We currently offer unpaid internship programs for local residents. If you are a local college student in need of experience to gain credits or are looking to build your portfolio in the arts such as video, audio, visual, marketing, or web design... feel free to contact our Human Resources Department.