Kid {U}

Feb 7, 6:00 PM

Welcome to Kid {U}niversity, or Kid{U} for short! If you are reading this, then that means you are one incredible kid and that being said, we have created one incredible year for you. Kid{U} is a collection of three sessions, that will not only teach you more about Jesus, but will give you opportunities to serve and lead in areas that you LOVE! This program will go through a kid friendly version of our discipleship class Rooted, then we will be working on how to have a daily GodTime, and the last session we will be working on the life skills from the Bible. 

Besides learning more about the Bible, and having the most fun year ever; this opportunity is at the heartbeat of Southwest's Mission to create a Gospel-Centered, Multi-Ethnic, Intergenerational church that LOVES Discipleship. 

Here's some quick facts to the questions we know you'll ask:

The group will meet on Tuesday evenings during Tuesday Night Kids Small Group.

Attendance is a HUGE priority since what we learn tomorrow is built on what we learned today. 

A outreach/missions opportunities will be hand selected to be family friendly and safe for everyone!

This program is specifically meant so that 5th graders are not only equipped for student ministry, but also so they are grounded in their faith for a lifetime!

Your registration includes study binder, t-shirt, backpack and supplies. 

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Susan Coia
(760) 200-2000

The Zone

Feb 7, 6:00 PM

Registration closed on Tuesday, March 28, 2023