The call to gospel discipleship is the very purpose and meaning of life & how we bring hope to a dark and dying world around us. Ours is a culture encumbered by chaos and problems and sometimes we can feel at a complete loss to do anything significant about it. But if all Christ followers responded to the issues of this world by pouring into the lives right next to us, worldwide transformation would eventually happen. This was the mission of Jesus with His disciples in His time and must therefore be the mission of Christ-followers with our own disciples in our time. 

Join us this series as we explore Paul's "Reminder Letter" in 2 Timothy, discovering the "how to’s" of discipleship as we seek to transform the world through life-on-life engagement.


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2023 Teaching Plan Outline

We have created a 2023 Teaching Plan Outline to help give you a little glimpse into what you can expect during each of our weekend message series throughout the year here at Southwest Church!

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